I Should Be Writing, Right?

I Should Be Writing, Right?

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My name is Desiree and I am not a writer.

Am I?

I mean, I didn’t graduate from college with a degree in writing.

I am not a journalist.


I found myself pondering this question tonight, and then it hit me.


Like thundersnow-in-the-south-type-hard!


A writer writes because they simply have to.

It is a need.

Like breathing.

As far back as I can remember I have expressed myself BEST through written word.

I remember getting an A+ on an essay I wrote in the third grade about how my mom was my hero (still is, by the way).

I remember leaving a secret admirer card in the girls bathroom for my then sixth grade crush (yes, I knew I was gay from age eleven).

I remember writing songs and playing them on my guitar in seventh grade to let my inner “rock star” out.

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I remember writing a letter to my eight grade English teacher, thanking her for being such a positive role model.

I remember writing to the Indigo Girls fan club and receiving hand written letters (and guitar picks) back from them!

I remember writing my high school crush letters stating how (a’hem) “cool” I thought she was and that heart-pounding excitement and anticipation waiting to see if she wrote me back.

I remember expressing my feelings to my first girlfriend when I was a senior in high school, in a folded up note I slipped inside her locker and the absolute joy, excitement (and exhilarating terror) I felt when she responded with the same type interest in me.

I wrote in my journals, faithfully, every night from grades eight to twelve.

Writing, in great detail, so many adolescence experiences including falling in love for the first time and crushing heartbreak.

I wrote letters to my first girlfriend (after we broke up), spilling my pain and confused nature — word for word.

I wrote love songs for partners of mine.

I wrote silly songs to make people laugh (especially my mother).

However, I didn’t truly learn the MAGIC of writing until I discovered the MAGIC of — computers.

Computers and I go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Like Laverne and Shirley (crap, I’m getting old!)

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I found my first long term partner on a lesbian message board (which was SO NEW) back in 1996.  And Yes, it worked. We were together 10+ years.

I fell in love, true passionate love, for the first time at age 30, after my partner and I broke up, with a woman I met on (gulp) MySpace.

Friends for 6+ months, we wrote letters to each other and “talked and talked and talked”.

I remember my heart pounding with each letter I would receive from her, fingers shaking with excitement to write my response.

These written words turned into (an almost) 5 year relationship and some of the best years of my life!

I have created web sites — by writing.

I have written about my love of travel in simple travelogues.

Sharing my experiences with family and friends.

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I have had my ego boosted and boosted the ego of others — through written word.

I have had my heart broken — through written word.

Letters, emails, text messages…..words……no matter the type….all “written”.

Although I still run a successful travel agency, I have somehow become a travel blogger.

A travel writer.

I run a popular travel blog that attracts close to a million hits from over 150 countries each year.

They stop at my site — to read MY written word. My reviews. My tips.

These strangers, all getting to know bits of me through — written word. Connecting us.

I love writing.


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I love expressing myself this way.

The phone on the other hand…..forgettaboutit! 😉

I met my wife. My perfect match. My soul mate through written word.

Thanks, Match.com!

It was what she WROTE that attracted me (yeah, and her pictures helped too, I;m not gonna lie – lol).

“Enjoy life, that’s all that matters.”

That did it for me.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

“Hi, my name is Desiree and…..”

::click send::

Roughly a year and half later — we are married. MARRIED!

We still write the most amazing letters to each other almost every day.

She enjoys writing as much as I do!

See, I told you I met my perfect match! 😉

Writing is who I am.

I write, like I breath.


I’ve had to pull the car over to WRITE something I was feeling (ask Jen, or any of my ex’s….this is truth).

I have always been an open book with my emotions.

If I’m happy, sad, sick, excited, scared, angry, confused……you’ll know it.

How? Well, unless you’re by my side physically, chances are by —- written word (thank you Facebook!)

Writing has been, and continues to be, such a lifeline for me.

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It has been my medicine, my therapy, my cupid, my stage to thank people, express love and (hopefully) inject the love of TRAVEL into others.

It has been my (regrettably) passive aggressive buddy a time or two. My pallet for occasional bullshit. I am human after all.

It has provided me with experiences I have never dreamed about.

It has been my ticket to travel.

My time to shine and gloat  (hey, The New York Times and Travel & Leisure Magazine are sorta a big deal, ya hear? 😉 )

And, this Thursday it will be my entrance to a VIP party being thrown by OUT Magazine in NYC!

So yeah.

Fuck it.

I am a writer.

And you know what?

A not so bad one at that.

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